Performed by Isla St Clair; Pipe Major Gordon Walker and the Pipes and Drums of the 6th Bn. Royal Regiment of Scotland.

This critically acclaimed album is a collection of songs and music about the Scottish soldier which reflect his spirit, his gallantry and his irreverent humour.

Isla St Clair
Patrick King

Running Time
55 minutes

Catalogue Number
HCLA - C110


Accompanying DVD

A companion DVD (75 minutes) is part of this Set. The DVD includes the award winning music video ‘The Scottish Soldier’ which was filmed at Edinburgh Castle with the cooperation of the Scottish regiments.

"Poignant! Funny! Timeless!
A long overdue tribute....."


1 Scottish Soldier (Isla, Gordon, Pipe Band)
This inspiring sixties hit, written by Andy Stewart, has been re-worked by Isla. The tempo increases with each verse and chorus as more instruments are added. Finally the Pipes and Drums of the Royal Regiment of Scotland enter playing ‘Green Hills of Tyrol’. Solo piping by Pipe Major Gordon Walker. This award winning track is outstanding.
2 Heilaní Sodger (Isla)
A beautiful song about a girl falling for her Highland soldier.
3 A Gordon For Me - medley (Isla)
March of the Cameron Men
Johnny Cope

An unusual medley by Isla which includes the ancient song about the ĎCameron mení.
4 Gallant Forty Twa (Isla)
An excellent version of this amusing song from the Napoleonic era.
5 Lochaber No More (Isla)
The pipe tune is still used by many regiments as a lament to the fallen but the lyrics are seldom heard. This tune was banned by the army during the Napoleonic wars as it made the Highlanders homesick.
6 Lochaber No More - bagpipe version (Gordon)
7 51 Highland Divisionís Farewell to Sicily (Isla)
Hamish Hendersonís classic lyrics never sung better than by Isla St Clair. The DVD sequence contains wonderful archive.
8 Forfar Sodger (Isla)
9 Plains of Waterloo (Isla)
Another extraordinary ballad - now seldom heard - written at the time by a soldier of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders
10 Battle of Waterloo - set (Gordon)
Crusaders March
Soldiers Return
11 Soldierís Return (Isla)
Written by Robert Burns about the general attitude towards soldiers.
12 52nds Across the Lowlands (Gordon)
Gordon Walker's own composition about the famous 52nd Lowland Division.
13 Retreat Set - 3/4 Marches (Pipe Band)
Colinís Cattle
Bloody Fields of Flanders
Heroes of Vittoria
14 Strathspeys and Reels (Pipe Band)
Freedomís Cry
John Roy Stewart
Mickey Ainsworth
Sleepy Maggie
The Pied Eyed Piper

Gordon Walker and his Pipe Band are outstanding in this set.
15 Scotland the Brave (Pipe Band)
Heilaní Laddie
Black Bear



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