A musical journey from Scotland to America – Innovative arrangements, the evocative voice of Scotland’s Isla St Clair, the masters of Scottish and Irish bagpipes, Gordon Walker and Eric Rigler, and the inspiring pipes and drums of the Cabar Feidh Pipe Band have united to create a moving and contemporary tribute to the Scots and Irish in America.

Isla St Clair
Patrick King
Alan Weidlich
John Davis

Running Time
42 minutes

Catalogue Number
HCLA - C112


1 Sailing (Isla, Eric, Cabar Feidh)
Isla’s wonderful interpretation of this modern classic, is enhanced by the emotive sound of the Uilleann (or Irish) pipes and low whistle. The magical touch is complete with the finale of massed pipers.
2 Jacobite Medley (Isla)
Highland Harry
White Cockade
Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee

The first two period songs are followed by an outstanding version of the rousing Bonnie Dundee.
3 Time to be Sleeping (Isla)
The emotive melody of this emigrants song is the well known pipe tune Mist Covered Mountains.
4 Mist Covered Mountains (Cabar Feidh)
5 Strathspey (Reels (Gordon)
Sandy MacPherson
John Garroway
The Cockerel in the Creel
6 The Dear Irish Boy (Eric)
This lovely Irish melody shows why Eric Rigler was chosen to play the Uilleann pipes on the Hollywood blockbusters ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Titanic’.
7 6/8 Marches (Cabar Feidh)
Mist Covered Mountains - quick time
Midlothian Pipe Band
Bonnie Dundee
8 Kesh Jig (Eric)
Hardiman the Fiddler
9 Burning Mill at Messines - Highland small pipes (Gordon)
Champion piper Gordon Walker tries his hand at the Highland small pipes with this lively tune commemorating the Battle of Messines in Flanders 1914.
10 Donald MacLeod - hornpipe (Cabar Feidh)
Old Hag at the Kiln - jig
An excellent set by this Californian based Pipe Band.
11 Lament for Rory Mor (Gordon)
Banjo Breakdown -
hornpipe & jig

The wonderful rendition of the Lament for Rory Mor is followed by an outstanding version of Banjo Breakdown both in Hornpipe and Jig time.
12 Amazing Grace (Isla, Cabar Feidh, Choir)
An outstanding version of this classic hymn with Isla and choir followed by the Cabar Feidh pipe band.


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